GCOEA Services

GCOEA being an international regulatory body ensures to facilitate the online educational institutions all around the world. We provide highest standards and set of procedures to our university partners so that they are able to endow their students with the education of optimum quality. The accreditation body improves the standards of their partnered educational institutes on constant basis. This helps those institutes to attain maximum recognition all around the world. The procedure and guidelines of GCOEA, meets the standards and quality measures which are accepted all around the world. The accreditation from GCOEA, is recognized by online universities and colleges from all around the globe. The accredited degree programs under the certification Global Council for Online Education Accreditation are accepted by the employers all around the world. Students graduating under the accreditation body of Global Council for Online Education Accreditation are eligible to be accepted as proficient employees all around the world.

Each of their services are verified and ISO certified, in order to deliver the best quality standards to the online universities partnering with them. The process of getting accredited with GCOEA is simple and affordable;

1. Registration
2. Self-Assessment
3. On place Evaluation
4. Assessment by the Evaluation Committee of GCOEA
5. Keeping up Amenability and Reaccreditation

These five steps makes it easy for the online educational institutes, as well as working adults to be a part of our accreditation program, creating landmarks all around the world. The two major services provided by GCOEA are; (Accreditation and Credit Equivalency)


GCOEA is at the leads online education with extensive involvement in the betterment of online education throughout the world. As such we provide services and advice to educational institutes so as to give them an opportunity to further increase their potency.


Organization contact GCOEA on a regular basis to help them benchmark structural and policy best practices so as to further advance their own standards and guidelines. We offer variable services across the board in our pursuit for academic excellence.


Graduates from around the world need reassurance that their degrees and qualifications will be accepted anywhere in the world that they happen to find themselves in. To this effect we ensure all graduates of the validity and legality that our equivalency gives their qualification and at the same time help maintain quality of education throughout the world.