GCOEA offers credit equivalency, endowing the students with an opportunity to transfer their credentials and degree programs, followed by academic verifications. This process enable students and working adults to gain exclusion before the completion of courses from any educational institute. Our Credit equivalency will support you in saving your time and money by transferring courses or programs completed at other educational institutions to another. We provide credit equivalency in two categories that are as follows;

Course Equivalency (Education, Licensing, & Certification)

Core Objectives

  • Identify degree, diploma or certificate
  • Indicate period of education
  • Provide Equivalency
  • List Courses with semester credits
  • Provide a grade point average (GPA)

Document Equivalency (Employment, Immigration, & Secondary School Credentials)

  • Identifies and describes each degree, diploma or certificate
  • Indicates the periods of education
  • Provides an equivalency for each document

Global Council for Online Education Accreditation is a global accreditation body, serving online educational institutes and students all around the world. Our credit equivalency services aid graduates in having their credits from any globally accredited university converted to meet their local needs. The aim of this service is to help provide validity and legitimacy to degrees and qualifications from around the world in more than 115 countries, that they are to be used. Our role is detrimental in helping graduates acquire the necessary information and guidance to equalize their qualifications to suit the global environment. This option help working adults too, who need to gain any certification, as per their professional requirements.