Accreditation with GCOEA

Accreditation help educational institutes to get acknowledged all around the world based on their recognized standards. It is eminent for the educational institutes to get accredited under any authorized accreditation body to get a prestigious acceptance globally. Likewise, Global Council for Online Education Accreditation is a well-organized global accreditation body for online educational institutes. It grants them with remarkable accreditations, enabling them to get known as pioneers all around the world. Being accredited under a prestigious accreditation body works as a catalyst for the online educational institutes to provide their graduates with an advantage of being their part. Employers are eager to employ graduates who have been studying under an accredited online university. Hence, GCOEA, provides a great complement to online educational institutes to be accredited under our accreditation body, know all around the world.

Benefits of Accreditation with GCOEA

  • Accreditation with GCOEA will enable online educational institutes to continuously improve their educational standards.
  • Being accredited with GCOEA would help online educational institutes to be known all around the world with great esteem.
  • Accreditation with GCOEA will support online educational institutes to maintain quality measures to deliver educational services accordingly

In order to get a degree, which is acceptable by top employers, all over the world, it is mandatory to enroll at an accredited educational institute. Likewise, Global Online Council for Online Education Accreditation ensures to ally all of its accredited online educational institutes to be acknowledge all around the world.

Evaluation Process of GCOEA

The process for accreditation starts with the applying institution furnishing required information and data to GCOEA through email or the application form available on our website. If applying through email, the following information is required:

  • Basic Structure of the Organization
  • Functions of the Institute and other important factors

The information provided by the educational institute will help GCOEA in evaluating the eligibility of the educational institute for accreditation. To further provide validity to an applicant’s application, GCOEA requires an affidavit from the applicant duly signed by a notary public, which states that all information provided is true and factual. Only then will the process for accreditation begin. The entire time from application to evaluation to assessment to approval takes around 2-3 weeks. During the evaluation process IBARC conducts an inspection of the applicant institute through on site visit through one of our representatives on a mutually decided date. The inspector will be responsible for a detailed background check and examination of all policies and procedures of the university

On the basis of the representative visit, the evaluation committee of GCOEA will award the institute will full accreditation status signaling the end of the accreditation process.

  • Detailed audit of all online processes, curriculum, technology, and security;
  • Student Experience;
  • Review of policies, systems and processes against IBARC assessment and evaluation criteria.

A comprehensive and complete report will be provided to the applicant institute outlining modifications to improve and streamline their respective programs and to raise their education standards to be on par with global educational institutions.