Shaping The Future Of Higher Education

GCOEA is an independent not-for profit organization, recognized by higher educational bodies all around the world. Global Council for Online Education Accreditation grants accreditation to individuals as well as working adults. We are committed to provide quality standards to online educational institutes so that they can be known all around the world. GCOEA aims to promote highest quality standards, serving the online educational institutes effectively. The top employers all around the world seek to hire graduates who have completed their education under prestigious accreditations. Likewise, GCOEA, is globally known and acknowledged accreditation body. We have a patented accreditation process that is internationally adopted by several educational and training institutions to guide students, working adults and the general public about establishing and promoting high standards of the quality of education. The core objectives of Global Council for Online Education Accreditation are as follows;

Core Objectives

The core objectives of Global Council for Online Education Accreditation are as follows;
  • To promote highest quality standards for online education all around the world
  • To provide students with an opportunity to attain the option of credit equivalency
  • To help graduates to get employed and fulfil their professional endeavors all around the world

GCOEA Evaluation Committee

The evaluation committee at GCOEA assess the documents and requests of the online educational institutes, who aspire to be accredited under our accreditation body. This process helps the committee to verify the authentication of the online educational institutes in order to ensure the fulfilment of regulatory framework. This process allows the online institute and the committee of GCOEA to foster friendly association in order to work together to attain, highest educational objectives. All of our evaluators are experts and leaders in various fields, who dedicatedly fulfil their responsibilities in order to facilitate all the university partners in a remarkable way, globally.